An aerial video from a September 2022 visit to the Isle of Lewis. Most of the filmimg was done in very windy conditions (severe gales) making very difiicult filming conditions and this is sometimes evident in the footage.

Filming sometimes required entering the Stornoway Airport FRZ (Flight Restricted Zone) and this was carried out with permission at ageed times/dates from Stornoway Airport Air Traffic Control.

An aerial video shot in summer 2022 in and around Silloth and the Solway Firth

An Short Aerial Film with music showing the Wonderful Light, Colours, and Natural Beauty of the Solway Firth

A short video with music of some of my photographs taken at my favourite times of day for landscape photography. It includes images of the Scottish Borders, Cumbria, Outer Hebrides, and St Kilda.

A selection of some of my favourite images of the Scottish Borders in Autumn