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Isle of Lewis

Dailbeag 1751 Approaching winter rain and hail storm at Dalbeg, Isle of Lewis
Dail Mhor 97610 Dalmore, Isle of Lewis
Rubha Robhanais 6215 A passing rain shower and rainbow at the Butt of Lewis
Tursachan Chalanais 0622 Sunset at Callanish, Isle of Lewis
Port Nis 5402 Burn with Iron Deposits on Port Ness Beach, Isle of Lewis
Tragic Shanndaigh, Nis 0332 Approaching Hailstorm at Eoropaidh, Nis
Stac a Phris 6116 A magnificent sea stac and arch near Shawbost, Isle of Lewis
Traigh Gheiraha 1037 Dawn over the Minch at Garry, Isle of Lewis
Bagh Uige 1538 Uig Bay from Timsgarry looking towards Ardroil, Isle of Lewis